Thursday, 31 May 2007

Miss Hong Kong 2007 is on the way!

People says this contestant is the Gillian-Chung lookalike. I think she is OK looking, not too bad nor not too pretty.
I dont think this contestant is going to end up in the top 12 because she doesn't have that look.
I would say this girl is OK looking. Her eyes are pretty but not her mouth....sigh....
I think this one is pretty enough to be in the top 12 but not win or 1st runner up either 2nd runner up.
I dont like this one... no offence to anybody. But her nose is good looking!
This girl is my fave at the moment because she has that winner-look and her eyes are big and her smile will win the audience...
I don't know what to say about this one- maybe- not going to be in the top 12!!
This young lady reminds me of Flora Chan because of her eyes and mouth. She's not that bad i think.
This one is pretty except her eyes, if her eyes was bigger, i think she'll be in the top something- maybe.
Same again, this one's eyes are too big, im afraid. Her nose is pretty and her mouth except her eyes are too big. Hm... maybe she'll be in the top 12 or more??
I don't know what to say about this one- Just a normal hong kongish look..
This one is OK, not too pretty...
Her mouth is too big!
OK looking...
I think this girl is all to say PRETTY! I think she looks so like Michelle Reis! Her eyes and mouth and nose and all pretty, this one will be my 2nd fave! I think she already won an award!
No comment about her. Just a normal look aswell!!

If anybody has anything to say about these contestants please comment!!

Anyway, miss hong kong 2007 is on the way!! I think it is going to be on the 21st of July??


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