Sunday, 22 July 2007

MHK 2007 Results

Miss Hong Kong 2007 Final was held last night. I was really shocked by the results because hot favourites #2 Lily Ho and #12 Nicole Lee didn't get through to the top 8. My top 5 was #1,#2,#3,#7 and #12 but
These were the results from last night-
Winner: #3 Kayi Cheung
1st Runner Up: #9 Grace Wong
2nd Runner Up: #7 Loretta Chow
Fianlists: #4 Mandy Wong, #14 Candice Chiu
Semi-Finalists: #1 Joey Mak, #5 Destiny Cheng, #6 Anita Wong
Miss Photogenic: #9 Grace Wong
Miss International Goodwill: #9 Grace Wong

Above: #3 Kayi Cheung winning the crown.
Grace Wong with her awards.
#7 Loretta Chow

Sunday, 15 July 2007

The Hidden Master

New TVB series Hidden Master is coming up soon and i can't wait to watch it.
This series' main characters are-
Kenneth Ma
Leila Tong
Kate Tsui
Matthew Ko

I don't know how the story starts and what happens but i don't like watching Kate Tsui and Matthew Ko together because they don't match eachother. But Leila and Kenneth, i'd love to watch them together- as you know, they are both one of my favourite actor and actress.
Or maybe Kenneth and Kate will end up together or something.
Go Leila!

Saturday, 14 July 2007

MHKB Awards

These are the unofficial awards of Miss Hong Kong 2007#11 Kendra Wong Chung Yin won the Perfect Intellegence award this year.
#15 Joyce Ko Ho Ting won the "Image Improvement" -$5,000.
And last of all, #12 Nicole Lee Kit Ying won the "Contestant Most Suited To Wearing Jewellery".

The Contestants with the OFFICIAL award
The first official award to be chosen was the Vitality Ambassador(Miss Energetic)which was won by #3 Kayi Cheung Ka Yee.
The Second official award was the Tourism Ambassador Award won by #2 Lily Ho Ngo Yee.
And the third award was the "Beautiful Leg" award for #7 Loretta Chow Mei Yan on July 10th.

There will be more awards coming out soon.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Golden 80's Actresses and Modern Actresses

This update is all about these actresses in ancient costumes. Firstly, Ada Choi looks stunning in ancient costumes! I love her hair in this photo XD. rates= 8/10
So does Charmaine Sheh, she looks gorgeous in ancient outfits too. I love Charmaine in ancient costumes, she looks lovely in any ancient costume. rates= 9/10
Tavia Yeung looks really pretty in this photo and she does looks pretty in ancient costumes. She matches any ancient hairstyle you choose for her. I love Tavia in those outifts- brilliant! rates=10/10
I chose Nancy Wu because i couldn't find any other actresse's photos. She does look good in some ancient costumes, not all of them though. I don't think this outfit really suits Nancy. rates= 4/10
Here comes the Golden 80's actresses in their ancient outfits! First is Idy Chan Yuk Lin. She looks really beautiful in them. I love Idy in this pic, she looks so innocent and sweet! I like the hairstyle too! But not really the white dress, it's too plain. rates= 7/10
Barbara looks pretty in them too. The directors always chooses pretty/girly ancient costumes for Barbara. She looks really cute in them. And her hairstyle is really pretty and delicate. rates=9/10
Jamie Chik looks elegant in those outfits! I love her hair in this photo! It's so carefully done! rates= 7/10

Margie Tsang looks good in them too. Is this Mongolian or something? The costume looks really patterny. Her earings are soo dangly! But i like her hair though. And her smile! :) rates= 5/10

Do you have anything to say about these actresses?

Pics of Aimee Chan/Fashion

I decided to update about Aimee Chan(2006 MHK winner) today because i have no else to update! She looks pretty, doesn't she? But when she smiles, her cheekbones stick out. People say that her cantonese isn't very good, just average.I wanted her to win last year in MHK the first pic i saw of her! The pink top she's wearing looks OK though. But i don't like her hair tied up like that. rates= 6/10
Aww... she was only little then! I think it was Christmas or something because you can see a Christmas Tree and the back.
Hehe, she's riding a bike? Aha, very cute!
Looks like Aimee was a really active little girl then, always moving about everywhere!
This is the pic when she won Miss Hong Kong 2006. She's got lots of Make Up on. Pretty though! rates=7/10Aimee wearing a halter nect top. I don't like this one, i don't like the material. rates= 5/10
When was this? She's got a fringe? I've never seen her with a fringe so maybe this was a few years before she entered MHK. I don't like that halter-neck top, it's too flowery and i don't like the colours blue and brown together. I have to say, Aimee looks weird with a fringe. rates= 3/10
Aimee wearing an ancient costume! I don't know where this was taken. I think Aimee should be in some tvb series, especially ancient series because she looks good in them outfits.
Does anyone have anything to say? Go ahead!

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Some 2007 Miss HK contestant's 1997 photos

Haha, just found some pics of some Miss HK 2007 contestants in 1997 from their blogs! This is #2 with her mum, i think... i think they are feeding the animal, whatever you call it, i don't know. #2 looked weird then. She's looks nothing like that!
OMG! This is #6 Anita Wong in 1997. She used to wear glasses but now she doesn't. She looks so different now. Awww, she's hugging a Winnie the Pooh bear!
This is #15 Joyce Ko.She still looks kind of the same, except she's looks a teeny weeny bit prettier now! I think this photo was taken in China?
Ooh, #1 Joey Mak posing!! She still looks the same. Cutie!
This is #14 Candice Chiu. It's too far away so i can't see her face properly but i can see that she hasn't changed very much though.
#5 Destiny Cheng, she hasn't changed much either. Only that her hair now is a bit shorter.
Hehe, #7 Loretta Chow with someone riding on a horse! Anyone have any idea how old she was in this photo? Soo cute in this photo though!
Aww, #9 Grace Wong! I have to say, Grace's eyes now are way larger than this pic. This looks nothing like Grace!
#13 Silvia Leung with someone, her brother?? Silvia looks kind of old in this photo...
This is #16 Jenny Cheng. Haha, i can see Andy Lau in that pic! Maybe she met Andy so she had a photo taken with him? Haha!

If you want to see the contestants blogs, you can either go to Anna's HK Star Blog's or i can give you the tip = and then if you want to search for another contestant, you just type in the contestant's number!

Contestant Most Suited to Wearing Jewellery

Yesterday, the sixteen Miss HK contestants visited the jewellery sponsors to try on some diamonds, but the items they were given to wear varied between the girls.
#2 Lily Ho and #1 Joey Mak modelled the most expensive and the least expensive items, valued at $1.28 million and $90,000 repectively. Joey said that this was down to the organisers to match their outfits, so she did not mind. As for Lily, she did not feel especially fortunate, saying" Everyone looks beautiful with their jewels."
The girls voted for the "Contestant Most Suited to Wearing Jewellery" and #12 Nicole Lee won the vote and was presented with a set of jewellery worth $6000. She said" I have never worked before, so i have never had a set of jewellery like this, so this is my first time and i will cherish this greatly."

Congratulations Nicole!

Olden Day's Actresses and Nowaday's actresses

In this update i will choose a olden day actress with nowaday's actresses. Firstly, i think that Gigi Lai and Barbara Yung will go together because they both have large eyes and they both can act.

Secondly, i think that Charmaine Sheh and Jamie Chik would go together because they both have that graceful look.

Thirdly, i think Ada Choi and Idy Chan go together. It's because they look a bit similar to each other. And i have to say that their eyes are a bit the same too, only Idy's eyebrows grow a bit too high.

And last of all, i think Tavia Yeung and Margie Tsang because their noses looks similar too. And they both look good in ancient costumes and their smile looks similar again.

And suggestions or disagreements? Then please comment!