Saturday, 18 August 2007

Mr HK 2007 Results

The Mr. Hong Kong 2007 competition was held on Saturday. With his chances slim at one point in the competition, #7 Benjamin Yuen Wai Ka turned the tables and won the Mr. Hong Kong title!

Benjamin beat the Youth Group winner, #2 Michael Chiu Kwok Tung, and the Mature Group winner, #11 Wu Chi Wai. Although Benjamin lost out to Wu Chi Wai in the Mature Group divisional title, the new rules in this year's contest allowed all contestants one final chance to compete for the title.

This year's new rules surprised many, leading to speculation that "awards were shared by all." Benjamin Yuen's victory was unexpected. The 26 year-old once starred in a Category III film and revealed his butt in 《新古惑仔之少年激篇》!

Benjamin was plagued by rumors throughout the competition. Earlier, intimate photos of Benjamin with his girlfriend, Miss Hong Kong contestant, Yau Wing Yan, were revealed. Benjamin was unaffected by the rumors and still snagged the crown!

The audience was comprised of 600 women from all over the world, including wealthy women, models, former Miss Hong Kong winners, artists, and singers.

When the Mr. Hong Kong contestants revealed their talents, the all female audience went delirious! #1 Zico Hau and #11 Wu Chi Wai had the most outstanding performances. Wu Chi Wai's accented Cantonese won females' hearts and his swimsuit performance gained the highest votes among all contestants! While wearing swimming trunks, Wu Chi Wai was asked by a MC whether "all men were 'colorful' [horny] creatures?" Wu replied in Mandarin that men were colorful and said, "In the presence of 600 women tonight, if a man doesn't even take one glance, then that would be quite sad!" The audience applauded loudly and Wu won the Mature Group divisional title.

The climax took place during the swimsuit segment. With his 6 feet tall frame, muscular body, and transparent swimming trunks, Zico Hau made the audience scream in ecstasy.

Female artists were absorbed by the show. Fiona Yuen Choi Wan said that the wetter the swimming trunks, the better they looked. The Youth Group's swimming trunks were made of thin, light-colored fabric, thus clinging to the body closely. Suki Chui Suk Man noted it was a pleasure to see Michael Chiu.

Recovering from her thyroid illness, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee was one of the MC's for the competition. Maggie appeared nervous and made mistakes in her lines. On the other hand, Christine Ng Wing Mei was extremely uninhibited. When #6 Leo Lee Ho sang a song, Christine bent her waist and revealed her cleavage.

When the results were announced, Benjamin's eyes were wet, but no tears flowed. He was overwhelmed since he nearly lost the Mr. Hong Kong title. Benjamin hopes to have another chance in the entertainment industry.

"I have not acted in 4-5 years. I will cherish this opportunity to work in the industry again!" (Did Benjamin invite his girlfriend, Yau Wing Yan, to the show?) "No, I did not ask and did not give her a ticket."

Was Benjamin afraid that his negative rumors would affect his career? "That's only a topic of conversation. We will see each other at the TVB studio, but there will be no embarrassment."

Wu Chi Wai was not disappointed in securing only the Mature Group divisional title. He already surpassed his abilities. Michael Chiu was extremely happy with the results, as he did not think he would win. Since he was still single, he will be celebrating the victory with his mother.

Amelie: Congratulations to Benjamin! I already wanted him to win in the first place because he had the handsome look. :)

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