Friday, 29 June 2007

A Change of Destiny

There's a serie i'm currently watching now- A Change of Destiny.

Episodes- 20
Broadcast network- TVB
Air Time- 20:30

Cast- Steven Ma as Yuen Hei
Benny Chan as Yip Yeung
Shirley Yeung as Fok Yee Na
Selena Li as Sum Yee
Mimi Lo as Princess Fei Fung- Chiu Fei
Yuen Wah as Lee Sing Tin
Rebecca Chan as Yuen Zhi Xin
Josephine Shum as Faat Lai To
Matt Yeung....
Chan San Chung...
Paul Chun...
Susanna Kwan.....
Fanny Yip as Mo Tap Lei

- series themed about predicting the future.
- Steven, Shirley and Benny are in a love triangle.
- Steven plays a kind-hearted layabout.
- Shirley plays a SitDan girl with braided hair.

I know alot of you have watched this but i live in the UK so i am a little bit late!!! =)

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Shirley said...

kahah I'm still just watching this as well! I'm falling a bit behind. love it so far tho!