Friday, 1 June 2007

A Pillow Case of Mystery

Main Characters- Bobby Au Yeung, Benny Chan, Kenix Kwok, Tavia Yeung, Annie Man, Lo Hai Pang

What, When, Where and Who

Long Time ago, when Bobby was eight, his mother brought him to his grandma's house to stay for a few days. However, Bobby suddenly disappeared for three days, and when he came back home, he lost all his memories and got his right arm disabled. Bobby's mum took all the blame and regretted for years. To feel less regretful, she decided to train Bobby to not use his brains to do anything and and help him out in everything. Bobby was a born intellegent guy, but because of what his mother did, his brain got very dumb and all his intellegence got hidden.

Many Years later, Bobby became a "koon"? judges in ancient time and his first case in the new valley(where Kenix and Benny lived) was about stealing food. Bobby found a magical pillow in the forest when he went to the grave of a dead person that was invovled in the case. The magical pillow had wizard that Bobby called him 'Jum Shang' which turned out to be Kenix's dead Grandpa. Jum Shang (Lo Hai Pang) gives him all sorts of weird clues to help Bobby solve cases. The reason behind is that Jum Shang wants to train Bobby to use his brain and since they are connected through the pillow, Jum Shang actually wanted Bobby to revise his own murder that happened 20 years ago.....

Bobby... he was great in the series, especially after seeing the ruby jewel acting all funny and crazy, that just couldn't stop me laughing!
HairStyle: Kenix's hair was just so cute before she got married. It was so cute and unique.
Tavia Yeung....Her character was cute and smart. She is indeed a mystery solver. I love how she was pretending to be a hobo and yet, Bobby couldn't recognize her. And her crying skills in this series and just so real...

I'd rate this series 9 out of 10 because it is just so awesome!!

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Anonymous said...

OOOooooh!! Kenix!!! I love her!! Especially when she acts with Michael Dao.. ehe... She looks prettier than the last time I saw her :P

Bobby's a funny guy... ehe...