Friday, 1 June 2007

Nancy Wu could not Care Less about her status in public

Nancy Wu is yet to find a new boyfriend, after her break up with singer, Deep Ng. But being single has not made Nancy feel bored because she has been spotted numerous times with a good friend, Vivien Yeo, lately.

On Wednesday night, after having dinner at Happy Valley, Nancy drove Vivien to East Causeway Bay to have dessert and when arriving, the two immediately ordered a bowl of sweet soup each. While Vivien and Nancy ate, they also talked quietly and laughed loudly, which caused many people to look their way. But the TVB 'Siew fa' (supporting actress) could not care less as she used a toothpick to extract food that was stuck between her teeth. This evidently made Vivien quite uncomfortable because she was seen looking away until Nancy was finished.

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