Saturday, 9 June 2007

TVB actresses and actors compared from then to now

Aww, Raymond was such a cutie! I can't see the resemblance between these two pics though, anyone else?

Hehe, Ron Ng! He didn't change very much. Still looks kinda same...

Edison Chen...ehe..i can see the resemblance, Edison doesn't smile in his pics nowadays...

Aww...Linda Chung, very sweet!She looks kinda the same too...but she is prettier now though.haha

Awww! Leila!! She was really cute when she was younger...she is still cute now! She was a young actress....chubby cheeky girl...

Young Charmaine! Charm didn't change much too..still have that look.Haha, Charm's hair was short then! Very cute!

Bosco? Doesn't look like Bosco at all!!Still, when he was younger, sooo sweet!

.....And last of all.....Jacky Cheung!Anyone see the resemblance between these two pics? I can see a LITTLE bit only!!

Any comments?
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