Saturday, 30 June 2007

Devil's Disciples


Main Cast
Bosco Wong- He's one of the twins, but got seperated with his sibling since birth. He works with his older brother and mom to earn money. He partipicates in the Saint Sword Sect, which knows more about his si fu's past and Chi Lung. Shing Fung has natural talent, so it's easy for him to learn any type of martial arts. Of course with some struggles, but Chi Lung always helps him. Later on, he got fakely trusted by Pak Tong Ng, and become the assistant leader. He trusts Pak Tong Ng so much, and won't believe anyone say anything bad about him. Chi Lung and Shing Fung fall in love with eachother, and with struggles, they broke up...

Kevin Cheng- He lost his mom about the year of 6. All his life, he's trying to find his mother. He joins Saint Sword Sect, and knows Shing Fung. At first Kin Lui thought Shing Fung was gay, but later on, they become best friends. While searching for his mom, he knows Mok Man,. Mok Man knows what happened to his mom, and helps him. He knows the truth that Pak Tong Ng killed his mom, he gets angry and quits Saint Sword Sect. Pak Tong Ng spread a force in his body before he left. Kin Lui realizes, but too late because he fell into the sea while he wants to go somewhere else. Mok Man rescues him and they fall in love.

Bernice Liu- She's a senior sister in Saint Sword Sect, and also daughter of Pak Tong Ng. Her senior brother likes her, but she refuses, because she already liked someone else. She always helps Shing Fung out. With him, she has a lot of good times. They got engaged but got broken by Shui Ling.

Sharon Chan- She's sister of Shing Fung, the other lost twin. She wants to revenge for her parents because she knows Pak Tong Ng killed them and all the people in the village she lived. She leads the Blood Shadow Sect. Mok Man uses all type of people and way to get her target. She learns evil kung fu, and only continues on with the music that Kin Lui's mom taught her. After she rescued Kin Lui, he plays the song for her when she practices. She falls ill after fall for Pak Tong Ng's trap, which makes Shing Fung realise something, realizes how bad of a guy he is...

Other cast

Shirley Yeung as Shui Ling
Wayne Lai
Eddy Ko as Pak Tong Ng
Patricia Liu
Johnson Lee
Chan Hoi Yee
Lee Kwok Lun

-Michael Miu
-Anne Heung
They're the twin's parents. They're also the leaders of Blood Shadow Sect, but got killed by Pak Tong Ng.

Bosco and Bernice. They have a good chemistry in here.

Bosco and Shirley. They start off as good friends. Bosco never likes her but Shirley likes him. Because of his sister's sake, she gives herself to him. He has no feelings towards her but ends up married, and has a son with her (sad for Bernice)

Kevin and Sharon. I don't feel how their chemistry starts. They just stay together for a while. I guess they understand eachother more and fall in love.

Main Characters Death Factors

Wayne Lai:
he dies in this series, so sad. He tries to rescue Bosco but ended up dying, but its not by the poison, its by Eddy Ko.

Sharon Chan: she also dies in this series, but her death is like nothing. I think the director cut her death part, thats why she left with out a word goodbye to his brother or lover.

credits to tvb sqaure

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Shirley said...

I loved this series =D. such a pity it's warehoused..

My fave characters were the two who died!! Wayne and Sharon. I think it's weird how Wayne's death got so much screentime while Sharon's was just mentioned in passing!! She's meant to be one of the leading characters!! But i guess we were meant to be preoccupied with Bosco's health and everything else to notice..