Friday, 22 June 2007

Tavia Photos

Credits to TaviaYeung.comI'm a super Tavia Fan! Wow, Tavia looks really pretty in this photo. Especially that smile on her face! And i love her hairstyle, it really matches her face. Oh yes and all her make up! Shimmering! I just love this photo it's one of my favourites.
Ooh, Tavia looks really sexy and hot in this photo maybe because of her short jeans that shows most of her leg. I like her green top too, it looks great.
I love this photo of Tavia too because of her signature! Lol! Same as the first pic, she has the beautiful smile on her face and her eyes and stuff looks pretty. Oh and her hair, i've never seen Tavia with that sort of hairstyle! Its a special picz.
Hehe, Tavia with a hat. She loves wearing hats and caps and stuff. Because it really matches her face shape. She looks extra nice with hats and caps on! This black hat matches her black jumper.
Tavia does look pretty in this pic just only her hair. I don't like that coloured hair because it looks like ginger and i don't like ginger hair! It looks kind of reddish too.

Tavia Fan Frever

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