Sunday, 1 July 2007

TVB female artists "Sexy Look"

Bernice Liu has got to be the sexiest tvb hong kong actress. She looks really good in sexy poses.
Hmm...Charmaine Sheh's sexy look? Why is Charmaine unzipping her dress? You can see her bare back!
You rarely see Myolie in a sexy pose. But in this one she is really sexy. She's showing off her legs.
Linda Chung is really good in sexy poses aswell. She looks really pretty in this picture. She looks as cute as a princess!
This is not quite a sexy look. But i just put it up because i like it. Anne Heung looks really elegant in this photo. Emerald dresses matches Anne. I like Anne's smile in this picture, it looks so sweet!

Any comments? Or anymore HK TVB female actresses with a sexy pose? Then please tell me!


Shirley said...

I think the green suits Anne as well. Hmm Linda's skin doesn't seem crash hot in that shot. Makes her look kinda aged...

Baby_girl said...

I think Charmaine looks really good in that photo! By the way she is my most favourite actor!