Saturday, 7 July 2007

Contestant Most Suited to Wearing Jewellery

Yesterday, the sixteen Miss HK contestants visited the jewellery sponsors to try on some diamonds, but the items they were given to wear varied between the girls.
#2 Lily Ho and #1 Joey Mak modelled the most expensive and the least expensive items, valued at $1.28 million and $90,000 repectively. Joey said that this was down to the organisers to match their outfits, so she did not mind. As for Lily, she did not feel especially fortunate, saying" Everyone looks beautiful with their jewels."
The girls voted for the "Contestant Most Suited to Wearing Jewellery" and #12 Nicole Lee won the vote and was presented with a set of jewellery worth $6000. She said" I have never worked before, so i have never had a set of jewellery like this, so this is my first time and i will cherish this greatly."

Congratulations Nicole!

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