Sunday, 8 July 2007

Golden 80's Actresses and Modern Actresses

This update is all about these actresses in ancient costumes. Firstly, Ada Choi looks stunning in ancient costumes! I love her hair in this photo XD. rates= 8/10
So does Charmaine Sheh, she looks gorgeous in ancient outfits too. I love Charmaine in ancient costumes, she looks lovely in any ancient costume. rates= 9/10
Tavia Yeung looks really pretty in this photo and she does looks pretty in ancient costumes. She matches any ancient hairstyle you choose for her. I love Tavia in those outifts- brilliant! rates=10/10
I chose Nancy Wu because i couldn't find any other actresse's photos. She does look good in some ancient costumes, not all of them though. I don't think this outfit really suits Nancy. rates= 4/10
Here comes the Golden 80's actresses in their ancient outfits! First is Idy Chan Yuk Lin. She looks really beautiful in them. I love Idy in this pic, she looks so innocent and sweet! I like the hairstyle too! But not really the white dress, it's too plain. rates= 7/10
Barbara looks pretty in them too. The directors always chooses pretty/girly ancient costumes for Barbara. She looks really cute in them. And her hairstyle is really pretty and delicate. rates=9/10
Jamie Chik looks elegant in those outfits! I love her hair in this photo! It's so carefully done! rates= 7/10

Margie Tsang looks good in them too. Is this Mongolian or something? The costume looks really patterny. Her earings are soo dangly! But i like her hair though. And her smile! :) rates= 5/10

Do you have anything to say about these actresses?


Shirley said...

I think the actress who looks prettiest in ancient costume is definitely Tavia. The thing is, it's such a big difference from modern costume! I don't find her particularly special in modern, but she's absolutely stunning in ancient!!

Anonymous said...

i love your choices!! i love barbara yung in ancient, i have all her ancient series

idy is cute.

i dont really like charmaine in ancient... X=

tavia is very beautiful in ancient... wait TOB counts right?

Jess said...

Margie Tsang's costume came from 'The Grand Canal', set during the Tsui period. She's Han.