Saturday, 7 July 2007

Some 2007 Miss HK contestant's 1997 photos

Haha, just found some pics of some Miss HK 2007 contestants in 1997 from their blogs! This is #2 with her mum, i think... i think they are feeding the animal, whatever you call it, i don't know. #2 looked weird then. She's looks nothing like that!
OMG! This is #6 Anita Wong in 1997. She used to wear glasses but now she doesn't. She looks so different now. Awww, she's hugging a Winnie the Pooh bear!
This is #15 Joyce Ko.She still looks kind of the same, except she's looks a teeny weeny bit prettier now! I think this photo was taken in China?
Ooh, #1 Joey Mak posing!! She still looks the same. Cutie!
This is #14 Candice Chiu. It's too far away so i can't see her face properly but i can see that she hasn't changed very much though.
#5 Destiny Cheng, she hasn't changed much either. Only that her hair now is a bit shorter.
Hehe, #7 Loretta Chow with someone riding on a horse! Anyone have any idea how old she was in this photo? Soo cute in this photo though!
Aww, #9 Grace Wong! I have to say, Grace's eyes now are way larger than this pic. This looks nothing like Grace!
#13 Silvia Leung with someone, her brother?? Silvia looks kind of old in this photo...
This is #16 Jenny Cheng. Haha, i can see Andy Lau in that pic! Maybe she met Andy so she had a photo taken with him? Haha!

If you want to see the contestants blogs, you can either go to Anna's HK Star Blog's or i can give you the tip = and then if you want to search for another contestant, you just type in the contestant's number!

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