Sunday, 8 July 2007

Pics of Aimee Chan/Fashion

I decided to update about Aimee Chan(2006 MHK winner) today because i have no else to update! She looks pretty, doesn't she? But when she smiles, her cheekbones stick out. People say that her cantonese isn't very good, just average.I wanted her to win last year in MHK the first pic i saw of her! The pink top she's wearing looks OK though. But i don't like her hair tied up like that. rates= 6/10
Aww... she was only little then! I think it was Christmas or something because you can see a Christmas Tree and the back.
Hehe, she's riding a bike? Aha, very cute!
Looks like Aimee was a really active little girl then, always moving about everywhere!
This is the pic when she won Miss Hong Kong 2006. She's got lots of Make Up on. Pretty though! rates=7/10Aimee wearing a halter nect top. I don't like this one, i don't like the material. rates= 5/10
When was this? She's got a fringe? I've never seen her with a fringe so maybe this was a few years before she entered MHK. I don't like that halter-neck top, it's too flowery and i don't like the colours blue and brown together. I have to say, Aimee looks weird with a fringe. rates= 3/10
Aimee wearing an ancient costume! I don't know where this was taken. I think Aimee should be in some tvb series, especially ancient series because she looks good in them outfits.
Does anyone have anything to say? Go ahead!

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Shirley said...

FUnny, because the pic i like the most out of the ones posted is the one with the fringe!