Sunday, 1 July 2007

Miss HK 2007 Wallpapers 1-16

I missed out the #9's wallpaper so i have to upload it and it appears on the top! So anyway, this is #9 Grace Wong. As i have said, her eyes are too big!
Here are the new wallpapers of the 16 contestants. This is #1 Joey Mak. If you look at her photo with her hair loosen compared to the one in her swimsuit, she looks sooo different. She looks so much better with her hair down. BUT she's still my 1st fave!
This is #2 Lily Ho, my second favourite. She looks very pretty in her official pic. And the one with her hair down, her hair is now straight but in that picture her hair is curly! She does look a bit mixed, doesn't she? But she IS pretty!
This is #3 Kayi Cheung who won the Energetic Award (Vitality Ambassador). If you look at her closer, she isn't that pretty. First when i looked at one of her photos, i thought, ooh.. this one is quite good-looking, but now, i disgree.
This is #4 Mandy Wong. She looks OK, doesn't she? Especially with her hair down- again, sigh... i think she put too much make-up on in the official pic, on her eyes. You can see it really black!She looks better without that much make-up on.
This is #5 Destiny Cheng. I think her figure is quite good but not her eyes. She only looks good in some photos like the official one, but in the others, it's not that good..
This is #6 Anita Wong. People says she looks like Fala Chen. I think only in some angles. Maybe her eyes and mouth. I'd say she's OK looking as i've already said in some other posts.
This is #7 Loretta Chow, my 3rd favourite. She looks sooo like Flora Chan! Lots of people support Loretta. I think her figure is the best and she is the tallest. She looks very defined and elegant.
This is #8 Janis Leung. I don't like her, that's all i can say about her. She has that "baby-look."
Sorry to her fans.
This is #10 Louise Wong. She's quite pretty, isn't she? She has a good figure too. Only something is wrong with her mouth, i think..
This is #11 Kendra Wong. Does she look like Linda Chung? She looks ok, but not my type. I have to say her figure is ok.
This is #12 Nicole Lee my 4th favourite. She looks really beautiful and her figure is nice. I think out of all the contestants this year, Nicole's eyes are the most prettiest.
This is #13 Silvia Leung. She's not that good looking. I don't like her smile, it kind of freaks me out...
#14 Candice Chiu. She doesn't look pretty but has that kind of "cute" look. Her figure looks a bit like last year's #14 Wendy Lee.
#15 Joyce Ko. She looks really pretty in her official pic but in the other pics she doesn't look really pretty especially her eyes. In her official pic her eyes look really big and bright but in the other one's her eyes looks really small .... i predict that she'll win the Best Official Pic award.
#16 Jenny Cheng. She looks kind of old. And she IS the oldest out of all of the contestants this year. Her eyebrows are a bit too high.

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Shirley said...

this is the first time i've taken a close look at this year's candidates. Loretta Chow appeals to me the most. i think she's got a special air to her. very charismatic