Saturday, 7 July 2007

Olden Day's Actresses and Nowaday's actresses

In this update i will choose a olden day actress with nowaday's actresses. Firstly, i think that Gigi Lai and Barbara Yung will go together because they both have large eyes and they both can act.

Secondly, i think that Charmaine Sheh and Jamie Chik would go together because they both have that graceful look.

Thirdly, i think Ada Choi and Idy Chan go together. It's because they look a bit similar to each other. And i have to say that their eyes are a bit the same too, only Idy's eyebrows grow a bit too high.

And last of all, i think Tavia Yeung and Margie Tsang because their noses looks similar too. And they both look good in ancient costumes and their smile looks similar again.

And suggestions or disagreements? Then please comment!

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